"Del Monte's tale of murder in the Sacramento Delta is expertly woven, naturally blending humor, intrigue, and suspense into a classic page-turner. The author does an excellent job detailing the lush history of the area and introduces a colorful host of eccentric characters that breathe life into this already smart mystery. Laced with subtle indictments on local ethnic inequities, Del Monte's Mud Blood - Murder in the Sacramento Delta is ultimately a satisfying and thought-provoking read."

"Masterfully Written! I kept returning to the book cover to make sure it read 'novel.'  Joan's rich, unmistakable literary voice leaps from every character, every scene, and every page. You will swear you know these people. And what a heroine!"

Gene Cartwright, Author

 "A galloping good read, filled with the savvy street smarts of this quirky and unpredicable heroing."

POV on Hot Crazy Mess

"You can't depend on your eyes if your imagination is out of focus" ~ Mark Twain


A criminal lawyer, FULTON YEE, disappears, and the search for him is no place for a lady, but unconventional mystery writer VERA MOONACHIE has to find him, because he is churning his files of nasty crimes for her plot and he has the solution to her current mystery. 

From the moment she starts her search, Vera is confronted with a hornets nest of fragile egos, including Fulton's trio of feuding ex-lovers. We meet Nancy Branscomb, an editor Fulton met years before when he visited her family's cabin in the Sacramento Delta. We meet Florence Loring, a real estate agent with a past so colorful that she met Fulton when he was defending her in court. And we meet Emma Sawtooth, a haystack-shaped earth mother who runs a writers' group. Vera encounters an authorship dispute based on a notebook. And when Vera picks up that notebook, she picks up the deadliest kind of enemies ---people with something to hide. click here

Looking for a solution to this seemingly pointless disappearance, Vera embarks on a harrowing journey to the storied Sacramento Delta, a place which seems caught in a time warp. She discovers an old land contract with the resident Chinese community, which is in the way of a major land development. And events take a weird turn on the mud bottom of a Delta slough.

And then someone tries to kill Vera. Old agreements can be murder.

READ about Joan's adventures while writing her novel, some history of the Delta, and the beginning of "Mud Blood" HERE >>>

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